the World’s Refugees on June 20

Honor the Courage of the World’s Refugees on June 20world refugee day1

World Refugee Day commemorates the strength, courage, and resilience of millions of refugees. This year, World Refugee Day also marks a key moment for the public to show support for families forced to flee. More than 50 million people are currently displaced by war and violence, some 33.3 million in their own country and 16.7 million as refugees, mostly in neighboring countries.

Every 15 minutes one family is forced into flight.

This year the people of the world are being invited to stand with refugees.  Justice for Immigrants (JFI) has prepared a World Refugee Day 2018 Toolkit which offers advocacy suggestions, talking points, and prayer resources. It also provides several helpful suggestions for planning local events.  Please click here to access.

Refugee advocates and service providers believe that World Refuge Day 2018 is a particularly important moment to demonstrate that refugees are welcome in the United States. Given the current climate surrounding refugees and refugee resettlement, raising awareness among friends and family of these vulnerable populations, advocating for their right to safety and dignity, and welcoming them into local communities is refugee day1