Felician Congregational Office for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation


COJPIC Plan for 2012-2018

Congregational Office for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation

Plan for 2012-2018

We GAZE upon our call to life as women, our baptismal call as Christians and vocational call as Felician Sisters as we reflect on our Felician Charism, Vision and Mission and the example of our foundress, Blessed Mary Angela.  As Blessed Angela was in touch with the needs of the people of her time and place, we look at our world today and become increasingly aware of people in need of the basic necessities of life. Often basic human rights are repressed by social injustices, war, and violence.  Particularly vulnerable are women and children.

We CONSIDER the current conditions of our world and the signs of our time of which we become increasingly aware through the various means of communication and information today. Becoming aware of a situation is only the first step in bringing about the renewal of the world.  To bring hope to suffering humanity we need to commit ourselves to work for justice and peace and integrity of creation by proclaiming the Gospel in collaboration with others working toward these same goals.

We CONTEMPLATE Scripture, Church teachings and contemporary writings to know what God is calling us to do in our life and ministry for the world and the Church at this time in history. We open ourselves to the wisdom we gain from these sources and take seriously our role as active-contemplative women religious.

We IMITATE Jesus in our response to the needs of the poor and the suffering members of the family of God.  We follow in the footprints of Jesus whose “Gospel is also the Gospel of justice and peace”, knowing that “educating men and women in peace is part of the mission received from Christ, [and] is an integral part of evangelization” 1. We live out our Felician Charism by imitating Blessed Mary Angela’s boundless love of God and surrender to God’s will in compassionate service, total availability and concern for salvation of all people.

Therefore we propose the following goals which will be realized through prayer, education and the witness of our lives:

1    Pope Benedict XVI, 1/1/12                                                                                                         

Goal 1:  Commitment to justice and nonviolence as an essential element cooperation with Christ in the spiritual renewal of the world.

Goal 2:  Proclamation of the Word of God ever more fully as the heart of our commitment to justice and peace and the best means to raise the dignity of the human person, especially families, women and children.

Goal 3:  Advocacy for the care of creation and for the responsible stewardship of the environment

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