Nuclear Non-Proliferation

Nuclear Non-Proliferation

As women who follow the tradition of nonviolence handed down to us by Jesus Christ and St. Francis of Assisi, we call for the elimination of the nuclear weapons industry throughout the world and the reallocation of the resources, currently spent to maintain the nuclear arsenal, to educate children and to provide services for the poor.

We call upon our government leaders to abolish all nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction.  We call for the banning of all nuclear testing, the signing and implementation of the Non-Proliferation treaty, and the dismantling of all nuclear weapons.

As peacemakers, we promote non-violent ways of resolving conflicts and call upon our leaders to realize their responsibility to their constituents, to protect creation, and to keep the world habitable for future generations.

Provincial Council
Our Lady of Hope Province
North America

“With the persistence of tensions and conflicts in various parts of the world, the international community must never forget what happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as a warning and in incentive to develop truly effective and peaceful means of settling tensions and disputes. Fifty years after the Second World War, the leaders of nations cannot become complacent but rather should renew their commitment to disarmament and to the banishment of all nuclear weapons.”

Pope John Paul II, Feb. 1995 

 “In a nuclear war there would be no victims, only victims. The truth of peace require that all-whether those governments which openly or secretly possess nuclear  arms, or those planning to acquire them- agree to change their course by clear and firm decision and strive for a progressive and concerted nuclear disarmament.  The resources which would be saved could then be employed in projects of development capable of benefiting all their people, especially the poor.”

Pope Benedict XVI, January 2006

“The arms race is an utterly treacherous trap for humanity… Since peace must be born of mutual trust between nations and not be imposed on them through a fear of the available weapons, everyone must labor to put an end at last to the arms race, and to make a true beginning of disarmament, not unilaterally indeed, but proceeding at an equal pace according to agreement, and backed up by true and workable safeguards.”

Vatican Council II  Gaudium et Spes  No. 81.