Urge the Senate to Pass Background Checks Bill for Guns
Five months ago, the House passed a historic background checks bill that we know would save lives and protect children from gun violence. But the Senate has refused to act ever since – and now they’re about to delay a vote even longer by taking a five-week summer break.
If senators don’t vote by Friday, Aug. 2, it will be at least another five weeks before they can take action on this critical bill – and every single day they sit back and do nothing, more children’s lives will be put in danger.
We can’t let that happen. Another school year is about to start, so we’re working as fast as we can to gather 25,000 signatures to send a powerful message to the Senate that they need to act now. Please click here to sign a petition from Sandy Hook Promise demanding the Senate take action and vote on universal background checks before they leave town on Friday. With time running out before senators leave for a five-week break, we can’t let them get away with putting children’s lives in danger.


Action Alert: Take Action for Syrian TPS Holders Today!
The administration’s Temporary Protected Status, or TPS, decision for Syria is due by Aug. 1, 2019. Given the ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis in Syria, safe return is impossible at this time.
Please click here to call on the administration to grant the maximum TPS protection for Syrians in the U.S., which is clearly warranted both under the law and by morality.
“Everybody loves their country and it is their dream to one day be able to resettle in their own country, but certain circumstances like the war in Syria does not allow for that to happen. Being able to renew my TPS will guarantee that I can continue to live in peace and among the nice and good-hearted people of this country who have always shown me support through the peaks and valleys. It would also help me keep my job to pay my bills and support my family.”
– Hazem, Syrian TPS holder
Nurses Vital to Tackling Human Trafficking
The caution came from Cindy McCain, a leading voice of the topic from the US, on the final day of the International Council of Nurses’ congress in Singapore this week.
Addressing more than 5,000 nurse delegates from around the world, Ms. McCain, co-chair of the Arizona Governor’s council on human trafficking, highlighted the importance of nurses receiving training on how to spot the red flags for human trafficking, a form of modern slavery in which people are traded for the purpose of exploitation such as forced labor or prostitution.
Issuing a “call to action,” Ms. McCain, who is also board chair of the McCain Institute for International Leadership think tank, and widow of former US senator, John McCain, said: “You are on the frontlines; you are leaders and opinionators; unless you are educated on signs of human trafficking, we won’t win this.”
She added: “It is critical we put human trafficking assessment tools in the hands of as many health practitioners as possible.”
Her talk took place on the same day that the ICN launched a new pamphlet called ‘Human trafficking, the basics of what nurses need to know,’ which describes the types of human trafficking, general signs to look out for, and which actions to take if human trafficking is suspected.