Secular Franciscans Assist Refugees

Secular Franciscans work directly with refugees in Las Cruces through Project Oak Tree.

This is a “MISSION” opportunity for Secular Franciscans and others to come and help. Groups of 1-25 are welcome. VOLUNTEERS and donations are needed. The Diocese of Las Cruces provides basic Christian hospitality to refugees as they are released from Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement into Southern New Mexico.

Read more about the project here:

Religion in Canada

The Canadian province of Quebec recently enacted a new law that bans many public employees – including teachers, police officers and judges – from wearing religious symbols in the workplace. While advocates of the measure say it promotes the separation of church and state, opponents already have challenged the law in court, saying it targets Muslim women and erodes religious freedom. A new Fact Tank post has five facts about religion in Canada, based on the latest Pew Research Center data which may be accessed by clicking here.

Sign the Declaration of Peace

One important tool for building a broader movement for peace is the Declaration of Peace.   Please click here to sign. 

Intersection of Immigration and Racism

“All people are made in the image of God, deserving of equal rights. Immigration policies based on excluding people of certain ethnicities are not Christian and neither is subtly and overtly upholding “whiteness” as the ideal American culture”.

LCWR has published its latest Resolution to Action titled US Policy at the Intersection of Immigration and Racism.   Please click here to access this very informative 2-page article.