Global Compact for Migration

The United Nations is currently developing a Global
Compact for Migration, the first inter-governmentally
negotiated agreement to cover all dimensions of
international migration in a holistic and comprehensive
manner. In preparation, the Vatican released an Action
Plan to governments with the focus of ensuring the
human rights and dignity for all migrants, refugees
and internally displaced peoples. Their “ultimate goal
is the building of an inclusive and sustainable common
home for all.”
The first draft of the Global Compact for Migration
devotes an entire section to human trafficking
among migrants, refugees and internally displaced
persons. The 2016 Trafficking in Persons report states
that human trafficking is always an exploitation of
vulnerability. People on the move are among the most
vulnerable populations in our world today. Migrants
and refugees experience vulnerability every step along
the way, from the time they are forced to leave their
homes until and including the time they are in a host
Global Compact for Migration
Whether people are forced to leave their homes
because of climate reasons, civil war, or economic
reasons it is difficult to capture the number of migrants
and refugees caught in human trafficking. The
International Organization for Migration interviewed
refugees in Italy who had traveled along the Central
Mediterranean Route connecting North Africa to
Europe. They found that 76 percent of respondents
answered positively to at least one indicator for human
trafficking. Eighty-two percent of the 4,000 plus
women who migrated from Nigeria in 2016 became
victims of human trafficking.
In releasing the Vatican Action Plan, Pope Francis
stated that personal safety and human dignity should
be prioritized over national security. Let us pray
that the international community will be successful in
developing a global compact for safe, orderly migration
and which will provide what these most vulnerable
people of our world need to live with dignity.
Sr Maryann Agnes Mueller, NA

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