Immigration Update

Immigration Update

Child Dies After Being Placed in Detention

18-month-old Mariee was a healthy baby when she was put in the Dilley detention center — six weeks later she was dead from an illness she contracted there. Mariee’s mom tried repeatedly to get medical help at Dilley detention center, but no one listened. After three weeks in detention, they were released. Mariee was very sick, and her mom took her immediately to hospital, but it was too late.

The American Academy of Pediatrics specifically warned the Department of Homeland Security that this could happen as a result of the crowded conditions of prison-like facilities that stress and traumatize children, and make it harder for them to recover.

Asylum Seekers Spend Months Locked Up Without Interviews or Hearings

Earlier this year, the administration launched its “zero tolerance” policy, aimed at punishing immigrants, including asylum seekers, who enter the United States without authorization. Among its many inhumane effects, this policy is leaving asylum seekers to languish in detention for weeks or months without the opportunity to present their asylum claims or request release from imprisonment.

Almost All Asylum-Seeking Families Show Up For Court

With policies on migrant families under increased public scrutiny following the administration’s rote separation of children from their parents, advocates are pushing back on proposals to increase family detention. A new study by the American Immigration Council, a nonprofit that promotes immigration, found that asylum-seeking families who have been released from detention almost always show up for court.

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