Week of Prayer for Refugees

Week of Prayer for Refugees

We live in a time when an unprecedented 68.5 million people are displaced around the world, including more than 25 million refugees- the highest number in recorded history. With global need at its highest, troubling news articles have revealed that the administration is planning to further dismantle the refugee resettlement program, with reports indicating a new low of 25,000 refugees or even less. This reduction would follow this year’s already historically low goal of 45,000, of which we have only resettled 18,327 to date.

As people of faith, we join others from many faith traditions in a week of prayer for refugees to show the solidarity of the faith community with refugees and to highlight the importance of the resettlement program.

God, our eternal home,

in you we find life and providence,

for this life and for the next.

For those who have lost everything, we pray you will rebuild their lives.

For those desperate for a new home, open the doors to safer places.

For those longing for the basic necessities of life, restore their material goods.

For those whose communities and families have been ripped apart, strengthen new bonds of friendship.

And for the church, near and far, which worships in safety today — inspire us to welcome the stranger.

Help us to discern how to reach out to refugees in acts of mercy and how to help them seek justice for long-term hope.


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