Catholic Response to Migration

Father Tom Smith, a Conventual Franciscan who runs a retreat center that has housed 500 migrants since November 2016 in New Mexico states: “This is a moral and inhumane situation.  Scripture calls us to welcome the foreigner, to treat them as we would treat our own. Jesus in Matthew 25 states clearly the way we treat others is the way we will be judged. Is the present immigration approach how we would want to be treated?  Zero tolerance is vindictive and immoral. Immigration officials may now say we are not separating families, but how long will it take to unite those already separated?

We need to respect their dignity. Joseph and Mary and Jesus had to flee their home country because King Herod threatened to kill the child Jesus.   Would we send them back if they came to our border and say, ‘Sorry, we don’t want you!’”

Implicit Racial Bias

Underneath the explicit racial attitudes and behaviors that we can see lie the implicit or unconscious attitudes that we have.  Research shows that implicit biases exist in most all people.  Some research has been done about implicit racial bias and some of the results are now available in the form of a short test.  It is called the Implicit Association Test, developed by Harvard and several other schools.  Click below to access an implicit bias test which takes about 10-15 minutes.  It is well worth the time for what you can learn.   The test results are kept private and are meant to be a learning device.