Earth Day 2017

History of Earth Day

Earth Day 2017
 Know the Creator through Creation

We invite you to open your spirit to the interconnectedness of the wonders of our world, which draws us ever closer to the author of the universe and challenges us to care ever more deeply for the earth, our common home.

We are excited to offer you the 2017 Earth Day Program! This is the second year Catholic Climate Covenant has produced an educational program for parishes, schools, and religious communities to help them celebrate Earth Day (April 22nd). Once again, we join with the Earth Day Network to celebrate Earth Day and to embrace our call as Catholics to increase awareness of care for creation and climate change issues.

This year, we offer three different age-specific programs:

  • A one-hour program for adults and high-school students
  • A 45-minute program for grades one through eight
  • A 30-minute program for pre-K/kindergarten

Focusing on the theme of “Know the Creator Through Creation,” the programs are wonderful for inter-generational parish programs, schools, and any group interested in exploring how a deeper connection with creation can draw us closer to the Creator of the universe.

Each program includes prayers, scripture readings, a short video, discussion questions, and suggested activities to help the group learn about climate change and Catholic Social Teachings about climate change issues. With the goal to increase climate literacy in our parishes, schools, and religious communities, the programs also offer suggestions for continued education and advocacy activities on climate issues.