Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

Praise the Lord! Hurricane Matthew came with vengeance when it finally arrived early Monday morning.This was an experience of preparation and waiting it out. The winds and rains were unbelievable. All through the storm our kids were coming to the door soaked and hungry. Thank God we bought 400 bread rolls to have over the course of the storm. Thank God for many jars of peanut butter and some jelly.

We have no electricity as of yet. Everything is soaked to the bone. The walls and everything. Our people’s homes are soaked and some washed out. We are doing our best to get them dry clothes and assess the need for new mattresses.

The Mother Angela Clinic was working throughout the storm in an emergency shelter. We helped to get medications and bandages ready to be used.

Today’s we are in clean up mode. The Mother Angela Kitchen is serving a hot meal. We will be preparing food packages for our families.

We heard that a major bridge is out that enters Port au Prince which means there is no way for us from Jacmel to Port au Prince but we will see what that really means for us. There is only one road to Port au Prince from Jacmel.

God bless you all for your love, prayer and concern. Please keep them coming. Our people are survivors and are teaching us a lot about trusting in Gods care and providence