can’t be sued because it’s a gun maker

Sturm, Ruger & Co. announced plans to donate millions to the NRA’s lobbying arm. The gun maker said it will give the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action $2 for every gun it sells, up to $5 million, until the presidential election on November 8.

Remington says it can’t be sued because it’s a gun maker, not a gun dealer. The firearms manufacturer, which is being sued by family members of victims of the Sandy Hook massacre, argued that it should not be liable for providing the AR-15 used by gunman Adam Lanza because it is a manufacturer, not a dealer of firearms that interacts with customers. Claims against Riverview Gun Store, which sold Lanza the rifle used in the shooting, have been placed on hold because the shop declared bankruptcy last week.

The New Jersey Senate passed a bill that requires domestic abusers to surrender their guns. The measure, which has already been vetoed twice by Governor Chris Christie, would require subjects of restraining orders and anyone convicted of a domestic abuse offense to surrender their guns within 48 hours. The bill heads next to the State Assembly, where it is expected to pass. If Governor Christie vetoes the legislation again, there may be enough legislative support for an override.