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The July issue of the Stop Trafficking newsletter, which is co-sponsored by the Felician Sisters, may be accessed by clicking here.    This month’s issue focuses on the Trafficking in Persons Report.



Catholic Social Teaching and Racism

For a one page reflection on Catholic Social Teaching and racism, please click here.



Nuns on the Bus Tour To Focus On Mending Society’s Gaps

The fifth annual NETWORK-sponsored Nuns on the Bus tour begins today. This year’s theme is aimed at mending the gaps in U.S. society. Sister Simone Campbell and other sisters will visit with people in 13 states including Wisconsin, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.  The sisters will be present in Cleveland, Ohio, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in time for both the Republican and Democratic national conventions.  To find out if the bus tour is scheduled to visit your area please click here.


Tax laws that benefit the wealthy helped increase wages an estimated 60 percent for the top 20 percent of earners while wages for the lowest 20 percent of the population actually dropped by 9 percent.   Global Sisters Report


Family detention is the systematic incarceration of asylum-seeking mothers and children, mostly from Central America.  Currently there are three detention facilities in the country, located in Berks County, PA; Karnes City and Dilley, TX.  Recently there has been an increase in babies and small children held in prison-like portable units equipped with several bunk beds, heavy iron doors, and surrounded by barbed fencing.  Imagine spending a month in an arduous search for safety in a new country, then spending part of your childhood in jail, stripped of possessions like baby blankets, binkies, and bottles.

Members of the Interfaith Immigration Coalition (IIC) committee on family detention is planning an event that would draw public attention to this inhumane practice and push ICE and DHS to rethink their policies on families fleeing violence in their home countries.  The plan is to have local groups deliver symbolic baby supplies to the 24 ICE offices around the country on August 31, with encouragement to end family detention.  The hope is to draw local media attention to the action.

FAN members are asked to give serious thought to helping with this action.   Any member interested in organizing an action at a local ICE office, or participating in delivery of symbolic baby items organized by another group,  please send your name, address, and  e-mail address to Josh Crawford at the FAN office in Washington, DC: fcrawford@franciscanaction.org, by the end of July, and further information will be provided.   For more information about family detention, please visit www.cliniclegal.org/CARA

A list of the 24 ICE offices