Felician Sisters in Action

ILLINOIS – SM Jeanine Heath

Taking action on Project Irene issues for women and Children in IL
(Irene=Illinois Religious Engaging in Non violent Endeavors)
SM Kathleen La Plume is our contact for that.

We hosted the annual meeting here October 3.
Had prayer services for Care For Creation
Put out Rosary reflections for Care for Creation and had Prayer for International Day for Peace available

SM Julie Weckwerth  posts the lists for those on death row and gives a petition to the presider for that intention.

 SM Jeanine Heath did a presentation on the Synod on the Family to the elder sisters and will be doing one on cultural  sensitivity in evangelization.

Prior to her illness, S Carole Mary Capoun did presentations from the CSSF website on JPIC issues

S Dawn Nothwehr, OSF will  do a day of reflection on Laudato Si in April

S Maryann Agnes will do a day of reflection on the spirituality of Immigration in May

MICHIGAN – SM Cynthia Ann

Women and Children

  1.            Recited the rosary at abortion clinics
  2.             Shared materials with abortion-minded individuals at the mills
  3.             Wrote letters to congressmen on various issues, i.e. immigration reform,
  4.              trafficking,
  5.             Supported Crisis Pregnancy Centers
  6.             Provided counseling services
  7.             Will participate in the Life Chain

Human Dignity

Helped the homeless and poor through drives and collections

  1.       Crocheted hundreds of “sleeves” for the purification of water for the Haitians       Recited the weekly prayer of John Paul II from Evangelium Vitae
  2.       Visited inmates at the Huron Valley Women’s Complex
  3.       Tutored children at St. Vincent/Sarah Fisher Center in Detroit
  4.       Tutored adults at the Siena Literacy Center in Detroit

The Environment

            Planning with the sisters at the Central Convent for the study and discussion of  Laudato Si,   Pope Francis’ Encyclical on Care for Our Common Home

            Conducted a special prayer service on September 1st , for the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation

      Continue recycling programs in the central convent

      Promoted energy efficient light bulbs

      Cut more diseased trees on the central convent property and planted new trees

PRZEMYSL – SM Julianna

In the year of 2014/2015, the Sisters of the Province were encouraged to look into the implementation of Goal 1, of the Congregational Office for Justice, Peace and Environment for the years of 2012-2018. It reads: “Promote commitment to justice and nonviolence as an essential element of cooperation with Christ in the spiritual renewal of the world”. Sisters pursued this goal through prayer, education and witness of life. The sisters were invited to implement Goal 1 and, at the end of the apostolic work, send a brief report by e-mail. 8 local communities responded: the community of Wrocław-Grabiszyńska, Gliwice, Rytra, Chmielnik, Lublin, Męciny, Pszczyna and Zabolotiv (Ukraine). This report is prepared on the basis of the reports from these local communities.

At the provincial and local level, the implementation of Goal 1 in the period of September 2014 – to June 2015 included:

– Inclusion of the prayer for peace in the world and every human heart into he the community and individual prayers;

– Sensitizing children and adults on issues related to protection of the environment (recycling, electro garbage, energy saving);

– Paying attention to and leveling verbal and physical violence among children and youth with whom Sisters work and meet in their apostolates;

– Environmental education of children, adolescents and the elderly;

– Raising the awareness of parents on how to raise children to discipline, without using violence against them;

– Use of materials submitted by the Office for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation (min. The Reflections Booklet for Lent);

– Developing the letter, by the sisters ministering in Zablotov, to the Roman Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Ukraine, expressing concern about military operations and ensuring about constant remembrance in prayer;

– the participation of SM Julianna Zając, the Congregational coordinator of the Office for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation, in meetings via the Internet;

– Reporting on the activities of the Office for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation (September 2013 – June 2014) during a meeting with the Superiors (9-10.11.2014);

– Encouragement for the Sisters of the Province, made by s. M. Julianna Zając, to prayer and make sacrifices for the intentions of the Synod of Bishops on the Family (5-19.10.2014);

– Collecting signatures against abortion, and to promote the activities of the CitizenGO Foundation which brings together people willing to work for the society in a way that allows for respect for human dignity and respect for related rights at every level. The following petitions were signed:

  • 08. 2014 – a petition to the United Nations on the inclusion of the family in the Organization development goals,
  • 10.2014 – „NO” for gay marriages,
  • 10.2014 – „NO” for a spot promoting the legalization of homosexual marriages in Poland,
  • 11.2014 – STOP for persecuting of Christians in Iran,
  • 01.2015 – „NO” against the legalization of medical abortion in Poland,
  • 02.2015 – a petition to the Speaker of the Sejm of RP on ratification of the Convention of the Council of Europe “on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence”,
  • 02. 2015 – Request for Senators to stop violent (gender) Convention CAHVIO,
  • 04. 2015 – „NO” for corrupting sex education,
  • 05.2015 – „NO” to abortion – at the meeting, local ministers received cards to collect signatures in their communities and apostolates,
  • 06. 2015 – NO to the M. NOICHL gender report (call for rejection of forcing abortion, in vitro and ideology of gender report on the European Union Strategy for equality between women and men in the period after 2015, known as the “Noichl Report”).

WARSAW – S Mariana

Postulants and novitiate of Felician Province of Warsaw with sr. Magda, provincial councilor, took part in a prayer for refugees who died on the way to Europe. It was in Warsaw September 23, 2015.

“To die of hope. Prayer for the refugees, who died on the way to Europe “- was the motto of the faithful prayed in the church of St. Martin in Warsaw.

The service is an initiative of lay Catholics and is a response to the call of Pope Francis and content of prayer prepared by the Community Sant`Egidio. Prayer, which was attended by representatives of other Churches and communities presided by Auxiliary Bishop of Warsaw Michał Janocha.