Death Penalty Update, etc

Death Penalty Update

Please keep all those involved with the death penalty issue in your prayers. Several cases are coming up before the U.S. Supreme Court this year including:  execution drugs related to the Eighth Amendment and juror selection that deals with the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments.

Much has changes since the Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976, four years after it had effectively struck it down. Last year, only seven states carried out executions.

Nineteen states and the District of Columbia have abolished the death penalty entirely.

One hundred and fifty –six innocent people have been freed from death row.

Let us continue to pray for a criminal system that is Just!


Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Education for Reconciliation responds to the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Call to Action #62. It urges provincial and territorial governments to ensure that students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 learn about Indian Residential Schools, Treaties, and the contributions made by First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples to Canada. KAIROS and the Legacy of Hope Foundation have prepared petitions for each province which may be accessed by clicking here.


Only 7 Percent of Licensed Gun Dealers Were Inspected Last Year.


It Only Hurts Them, The Anonymous Poor

Another deep cry, followed by a shrug. The world is at war… But it only hurts them, the helpless ones, the anonymous poor, who absorb the bombs and bullets, who bury their children, who flee their broken countries. Sixty million people have been displaced by the current wars, the highest number of uprooted since World War II. But who cares? To read more, please click here.

“In the face of blatant inhumanity, the world has responded with disturbing paralysis.”

Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations