Serious, realistic negotiations with Iran produced a political agreement on Iran’s nuclear program that thwarted the Republican push for war.

Now, while most Republican presidential candidates and Hillary Clinton have called for escalating the war in Syria by imposing a “no fly zone,” [1] fifty-five House Democrats, led by Rep. Jim Himes, have called for international talks to end the war, including Russia and Iran. [2] While we work to end the war through diplomacy, helping refugees will cost less money and better protect human life than military escalation. [3]

Urge President Obama and Congress to push to end the war through realistic diplomacy with Russia and Iran and do more to help refugees in the meantime by signing our petition our petition at MoveOn:

As Micah Zenko of the Council on Foreign Relations has noted, [4]

“When a war is at its most bloody, it is easy to forget that all wars end. The Syrian civil war will end as well, but the external powers ensuring that it continues refuse to recognize the reality of the disastrous military stalemate. Therefore, they have refused to attempt to seriously and vigorously broker a cease-fire and eventual diplomatic solution. For Obama, this should be as important an objective for him personally as the Iranian nuclear deal was. If not, he will leave office in 15 months with the Islamic State the same size, Assad still in power, and the livelihoods of a generation of Syrians destroyed.”

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Robert Naiman and Avram Reisman
Just Foreign Policy