Be a Visible Voice Against Human Trafficking

Tassa Tag is a project of ECPAT-USA (Ending Child Prostitution and Trafficking) and stands for Travelers Take Action Against Sex Slavery and Trafficking. Tassa Tags are big, bright 4”x6” hand-woven cotton, fair-trade tags for luggage, gym bags or purses and would make a great, socially responsible Christmas gift.

To purchase a TassaTag ($12.00 each), please go to and click the shop tab.

The Tassa Tag project raises funds for the following purposes:

  • To train people in the Travel Industry to take an active role against sex tourism.
  • To inform the public that sex with children is against the law everywhere, and if caught the person will be prosecuted and extradited to their home country, if necessary.
  • To mobilize congress against child sex tourism