Action Needed Regarding Purchase of Guns

Action Needed Regarding Purchase of Guns

Each time there’s a mass shooting, many members of Congress offer their “thoughts and prayers” to the friends and families of the victim. They respond to the tragedy while it’s in the news but never make any sincere effort to enact systemic reform.

Americans are ready for a change. They are ready to implement commonsense gun control regulations that save lives.  Unfortunately, many politicians are so beholden to the National Rifle Association that they block any reforms from even coming up for debate, much less a vote.

It’s time for Congress to consider a meaningful package of gun control reforms, including an assault weapons ban and universal background checks. This does not mean with taking guns away from responsible, law-abiding gun owners. Please click here to send the following message to your legislators:

“We are putting elected leaders on notice: We expect every leader to immediately stand up for meaningful gun safety policy reform to protect our children, our families, and our communities now.”