The history behind Labor Day

Do I see work as a gift from God?
Is my work as a “co-creator” truly participating in God’s original creative act?
Do I promote a culture of life through my work?
Have I been living a divided life, separating Gospel principles from my work?
Am I receiving the sacraments regularly and with attention to how they support and inform my
business practices?
Am I reading the Scriptures and praying with the will to avoid the risk of a divided life?
Am I sharing my spiritual path with other Christian business practitioners (my peers)?
Am I seeking to nourish my business life by learning more about the Church’s social teaching?
Do I believe that taking seriously the dignity of the person in my business decision-making will
promote integral human development while making my company more efficient, more agile,
and more profitable?
Organizing Good and Productive Work:
Do I provide conditions which allow my employees appropriate autonomy at each level? In
other words, am I organizing human resources mindfulof the subsidiarity principle in my
company management system?
Am I making sure that the company provides safe working conditions, living wages, training, and
the opportunity for employees to organize themselves?
Have I embedded a set of comprehensively defined values and integrated that into my
performance measurement process? Am I honest with my employees about their performance?
In all countries where my company is engaged, is it honoring the dignity of those indirectly
employed and contributing to thedevelopment of the communities hosting these operations?
(Do I follow the same standard of morality in all geographic locations?)
Do I place the dignity of all workers above profit margins?