Sister Jusciêda Maria

hhhSince Sister Jusciêda Maria left the USA after one year of a wonderful experience of living in community with the Felician Sisters in Lodi, she has been very busy with Justice and peace issues.

First, she went to the Latin American Justice, Peace and Creation Integrity Caribbean Meeting, that took place in Peru with a group of 12 religious of different Congregations. At that meeting Sr. Jusciêda Maria, two other sisters, and two friars were nominated to maintain active the Justice and Peace Commission of the CRB- Brazilian Religious Conference.

fgffFollowing that meeting the working group had a meeting at Brazilia, the Brazil Capital. The objective of that meeting was to prepare a National Justice and Peace Meeting. The team was working hard in the previous three months to prepare the meeting that took place June 04-06. It was a wonderful moment of faith, hope and joy.

eeeMore than 67 persons participated, including sisters, friars, priests and lay persons, who were sharing many beautiful experiences, responding to God’s love, bringing abundant life and hope to the poor and the needy. Together we renewed our ministerial commitments and our commitment to combat all forms of injustice and violence against the poor. Also, it was a special moment of celebrating The Year of Consecrated Life.

As a result of that meeting, the participants chose an official team ghjkthat will maintain active the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Commission of the CRB – Brazilian Religious Conference. It was an important step for us, sisters and brothers, as a religious conference that has been fighting for human rights in Brazil. Sister Jusciêda Maria is now an official member of the team.