A Cry for Life: Stop Human Trafficking

A Cry for Life: Stop Human Trafficking
Sister Jusciêda Maria, CSSF Brazil

Everyone knows that human trafficking is a big issue which has been bringing too much pain and suffering for many families over the world. Many countries have been making an effort to stop this terrible problem. In Brazil, the Catholic Church and the religious, through the network called “A Cry for Life”, have been combating human trafficking and sexual exploration of women, adolescents and children.

In Brazil the reality of Human Trafficking is a very difficult problem because it involves politicians, members of the high society and tourists that come to Brazil on vacation seeking sexual exploration evolving women, adolescents and children, especially in the northeast of Brazil. For this reason our Religious Brazilian Conference, of the Northeast, chose Fortaleza as the location of the II NORDESTAO, wherein all religious conferences in the northeast send a representative to the meetings.

Sister Jusciêda was chosen to participate, representing the Bahia area as well as the Justice and Peace Commission. The meeting was thought provoking, especially, when many sisters related experiences shared by victims of sexual exploration and domestic violence against women. The coordination of the meeting chose Fortaleza, because there are many beautiful beaches, and every year many tourists choose it for their vacation. Also, it is a state of extreme poverty. It makes Fortaleza a very vulnerable region.

We heard from Jaqueline Leite, an expert on human trafficking, who worked with us two days at that meeting. She said that trafficking happens where need meets greed, and Trafficking happens in sectors where workers are excluded from protection, and denied the right to organize. Trafficking doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It happens in systematically degraded work environments.

Sister Jusciêda Maria was designated to coordinate the second day of the meeting, and helped to prepare the moment of morning prayer with her team.

We thank God, because every day many people are opening their eyes and hearts, and are alert to this cruel reality that brings so much pain in life of so many people.


Sr. Jusciêda with all participants of II NORDESTAO

Sr. Jusciêda Maria with the group from Bahia