Laudato Si: Blessed are You!

Laudato Si: Blessed are You!

Acting Franciscan

By Sister Sharon Havelak, OSF

Sylvania OH Sisters

Pope Francis’ encyclical on environmental issues comes out next Thursday. There’s been so much speculation about it, the actual text may seem irrelevant! Everyone seems to have an opinion about what it may, could or should say, what they fear it may say or what they fear it may ask them to do.

What keeps popping onto my head is very different, though. I can’t seem to shake an image that I used when I taught Art Fundamentals, to show what expressive art was. It was a simple piece, actually a young child’s crayon drawing, showing the child walking barefoot in the grass after a rain shower. Lush green grass was scribbled at the bottom. The little child was simply drawn, with a big smile and big toes most prominent. The joy of the moment was infectious.

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