Women Deserve Better – Pro Life Rally


Sister Desire Anne Findlay, CSSF

“One Life L.A.” We have a pro-life club at our school, which I co-moderate with another teacher, and we took several students, including some international students who are not members of the club but who were interested in going. The principal also joined us. The event was a short walk through downtown Los Angeles. When we finished walking, we ended in front of City Hall where they showed videos of testimonies. For example, several women spoke about their choice to keep their children after seriously contemplating abortion. There were also many speakers and some live music performances. The director of the movie “Bella” spoke as well as the founder of 40 Days for Life. Speakers also touched upon the topics of foster care, adoption, respect for the elderly and disabled. Another speaker came with his son who has Down’s Syndrome to talk about their response to his diagnosis. The event was also aired live on ETWN.


for more information click here>http://www.heraldonline.com/2015/01/18/6713424/thousands-attend-onelife-la-first.html