TORTURE: Faith leaders express support for effort to make pubic facts about torture


no-torturePax Christi USA joined other faith leaders to express to Senator Feinstein support for her efforts to make public the facts about torture. The letter, which was initiated by the National Religious Campaign Against Torture, is below.

Dear Senator Feinstein,

We write to thank you for fighting to make public the truth about the CIA’s use of torture and to urge you to continue your good work in the face of determined opposition from those who would prefer to sweep this troubling aspect of our history under the rug.

We represent different faith traditions, yet we share a common belief that torture is always immoral and that telling the truth about our past use of torture is the first step toward ensuring that we do not use it again.  If those who prefer to cover up torture prevail, then our country and the U.S. Congress may not have the discussion necessary…

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