World Oceans Day 8 June 2014

Do you wish you could be
under the sea?
World Oceans Day
8 June 2014

World Oceans Day

What’s so great about the ocean that it deserves World Oceans Day? Well, we couldn’t live without it for starters!

The theme for 2013 and 2014 is ‘together we have the power to protect the ocean!’  So we are all being asked to do our bit to help protect our oceans.

We get most of our oxygen from the sea, it provides us with water to drink and bathe in, and offers pharmaceuticals for us to use to get well again. In short, it’s a bit of a miracle!

Aside from being really practical for us, it’s also a great source of inspiration!   Writers like Robert Louis Stevenson and Herman Melville have become famous writing about the sea.  And what about the famous Hemingway novel ‘The Old Man and the Sea’.

Not to mention that it’s often used as a setting in mythical TV shows like Charmed and Disney movies like Ariel!

The sea is such a magical and important place – and I’m sure the animals that live there think so too!

The main aim in June is to make little changes to our lifestyles and carry out actions that will benefit our oceans.

So what can you do?   Well, like the sea the options are limitless!  Try not to use as much energy in the home.  Turn off lights and use Energy Star appliances if you can.

Try to walk more places to reduce your carbon footprint and talk to your friends and family about how climate change is affecting our oceans and animals.  If you live near a beach or river you could also organise an aquatic clean-up to remove rubbish and plastic that can be so harmful to the poor birds and fish.

For all the information you need visit the World Oceans Day website.