World Environment Day June 5th

It’s everyone’s responsibility
to make the change!
World Environment Day
5 June 2014

The UN has hosted World Environment Day every year since 1972, encouraging people to treat the environment more kindly and realise that it’s everyone’s responsibility to make the change.

Because it’s not just us that our actions on the world affects – it will have an impact on all our future generations too.

The UN General Assembly have declared 2014 as the International Year of Small Island Developing States (SIDS).  So this year World Environment Day will be raising awareness of the challenges and successes of these environments

We’ve all heard about climate change and how global warming is causing sea levels to rise.  And, we are aware that sea levels rise when ice melts.  But, did you know that when the global temperature warms, seawater expands and occupies more space.  So, small island communities around the world are regularly exposed to floods and storm surges.

We should be protecting the environment, not ruining it.   Do you want to put the work into to make sure we have a better environment?

World Environment Day is an opportunity for people to get together to work towards a greener and cleaner world for everyone.  So, why not make a ‘call to action’ and arrange a community clean up, or do your bit to reduce food waste.  A few years ago my new year resolution was to stop using plastic bags when doing my weekly shop.  At first I would sometimes walk out of the house and arrive empty handed at the supermarket.  But now I always make sure I take my reusable bags – it’s all about changing habits and once you get into the routine it’s easy!

Remember to tell the UN Environment Programme what you are planning to do and they’ll post the details on their website!  Find out how by visiting World Environment Day.