Oscar Romero – In Life and Death his Blood was “a Seed of Freedom.”

Interrupting the Silence

Oscar Romero, Martyr, MartyrdomImage source

“A bishop will die, but the Church which is the people will never perish.” Those words of Archbishop Oscar Romero proved prophetic. He was shot to death on March 24, 1980 while celebrating Mass at a chapel near his cathedral. The previous day he had preached a sermon calling on soldiers to disobey orders that violated human rights. Almost nine months after Romero’s assassination, four Maryknoll nuns were killed by the El Salvadoran army. Similarly, in November 1989 nine Jesuit priests were murdered.

This year is the 34th anniversary of Archbishop Romero’s martrydom. He was appointed Archbishop of San Salvador in 1977. Radicals distrusted Romero’s conservative sympathies. This would, however, quickly change for them and Romero. Following Romero’s appointment a Jesuit friend of his, Rutilio Grande, was assassinated. Romero began protesting the government’s injustice to the poor and its policies of torture. He met with Pope John Paul II in 1980…

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