World Religion Day

18 January 2014 marks World Religion Day across the globe.

The day was created by the Bahai faith in 1950, to get followers of the faith to observe the day publicly wherever they may be.  Now it is in its 63rd year, and encapsulates all religions.

The aim is to unite everyone, whatever their faith, by showing us all that there are common foundations to all religions and that together we can help humanity and live in harmony.

At the World Religion Day website, you can find out all about this day and ways to get involved.  Whether you are a Native American, a Janist, Hindu, Christian or Jewish, everyone can take part.   Special services will be held in spiritual centres around the world to observe the day.

By celebrating the similarities in different faiths and understanding other religions, the day shows us how we can work together to create a better world.

To find out more, visit the website and get involved!  You can also find links to learn more about other religions, like, for example, the Sikh faith.   So there’s no excuse not to get learning and celebrate together.