Undocumented Immigrants – National Migration Week 2014

Sisters of the Holy Family – a reblog

Sisters of the Holy Family

Undocumented immigrants are often referred to as “living in the shadows.” Their marginal status has led advocates for reform to call for a legalization process that will bring them out of the shadows and provide them with the opportunity to contribute to society and live out their lives in dignity. To learn how you can help the bishops pass comprehensive immigration reform, please visit the Justice for Immigrants website.

Also check out this article:  Current state of U.S. immigration ‘an offense against God,’ say bishops

Why does the church care about immigration policies? 

The Catholic Church has historically held a strong interest in immigration and how public policy affects immigrants seeking a new life in the United States.   Based on Scriptural and Catholic social teachings, as well as her own experience as an immigrant Church in the United States, the Catholic Church is compelled to raise her voice on…

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