December Prayer Intention

DECEMBER INTENTION:  To pray for and to bring to our awareness the consequences of trade agreements.

Prepared by Sister Shelley Marie Jeffrey, North America

  • Educate ourselves and others in our ministries regarding unfair trade agreements (NAFTA).
  • Support trade agreements which take into consideration effects on local small businesses, environment and the poor.
  • That all international trade agreements protect human rights of all nations by putting public well-being before profit.
  • That those responsible for decisions regarding trade and industry be mindful of the duty of all people to protect the environment.
  • That in negotiating international trade agreements, leaders respect the democratic right and responsibility of governments to protect the well-being of their citizens, including provisions for education, healthcare and access to water.
  • That those responsible for trade and business across borders and within countries ensure that workers are provided with just remuneration and that no one, especially children, is exploited.

That international trade agreements provide just and fair compensation to developing nations for export commodities, and allow governments to protect local food producers and small enterprises through subsidies and assistance.



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