IMMIGRATION: Follow the call – Mobilize on October 5th for dignity and respect


oct-5Pax Christi USA has endorsed the following call to action. What follows is the faith leaders’ statement supporting the call to action and the October 5th day of mobilization.

As faith leaders, we recognize every human being’s inherent self-worth and dignity. For centuries, throughout our faith traditions, we have followed our sacred texts that teach us love, respect, and dignity for all people.

The crisis of record deportations continues to separate families at alarming rates impacting our communities and our congregations in dire ways.  Mothers are torn from their children, husbands taken from their wives. The time has come to stop these family separations. Indeed, it is long past time. The urgent need for immigration reform cannot be overstated. We need reform that prioritizes family unity, legalization and full citizenship for our undocumented sisters and brothers.

As denominations and faith-based organizations, we are calling on people of faith from all…

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