September Prayer Intentions

SEPTEMBER INTENTION:  To pray for and to bring to our awareness the problems associated with immigration.
  • That public policies be advocated for welcoming immigrants and refugees.
  • For the development of materials to help refugees and newcomers understand fundamental aspects of life in the new country.
  • For a deeper appreciation of the language, culture and values among all peoples, so as to erase prejudice, hatred, terrorism and war.
  • For an end to human rights’ abuses and victimizations at border crossings.
  • For an acceptance of refugees fleeing repressive governments and violent political situations.
  • That corporations and countries which benefit from cheap foreign labor and inhuman working conditions, recognize the injustice of such practices and eradicate them.
Prepared by Sister Rosemarie Goins, North America

  • Educate yourself and local community re: one person on the news or that you know who immigrated to your country; conditions in the country they emigrated from.
  • Volunteer to teach the official language in your country to a recent immigrant/refugee for one year.
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
  • Donate clothing to a charitable thrift store/shelter.

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