REFLECTION: The heart of the immigration reform debate


Nick Meleby Nick Mele
Pax Christi Pacific Northwest

Yesterday morning I sat down to write a reflection on the Immigration Reform Bill passed by the Senate but I received a series of e-mails from a local non-profit group and then personal appeals from several friends, all calling for support for a group of striking farm workers nearby. So my wife and I dropped our plans and headed for the workers’ camp. Because we were part of a small group who planned and walked a 140 mile pilgrimage for immigration justice a few years ago, there were several people who know us in the group. It was both a reunion and a refresher course since our first intensive exposure to the lives and stories of migrant workers before and during the pilgrimage.

The workers are striking for better pay, as many other workers have before them. Many, maybe a majority, are undocumented…

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