South Sudan Independence Day

South Sudan Independence Day

July 9, 2013

JUBA, Jun 3 2013 (IPS) – Susana Apai Wani has lived as a widow for more than two decades since her husband, James Wani, was arrested in 1992 by a policeman who accused him of collaborating with the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, which … · 6/2/2013
In April, a senior official in Sudan‘s oil ministry told AFP the country was producing about 130,000 barrels per day, down from around 470,000 barrels of crude output before South Sudan‘s split following an overwhelming … · 14 hours ago

Radio Nederland Wereldomroep – RNW

In-depth coverage

This was on an evening in May 1992, when South Sudan was still part of Sudan and the southern rebels, the SPLM – now South Sudan‘s ruling party – were fighting the Sudanese government for independence. The country’s civil war killed an estimated two …

Let us keep the people in South Sudan and the Republic of Sudan in our prayers as South Sudan becomes an independent nation this Saturday, July 9. Other prayer resources may be found on the Catholic Relief Services website.

God of Mercies, we thank you for your great love for us all.

We ask you to guide the leaders of Sudan in the process of nation building, and we pray that you might grant them and all your people

your wisdom, compassion and fortitude.

We give thanks for all who have worked hard for peace and we pray for all who have died during the long years of conflict.

Unite us all in solidarity, people of every race and language, every tribe and community.

God, bless the new nation of South Sudan and bless the Republic of Sudan, as they face the future, a future full of hope.

We ask all this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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