May Newsletter

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Anti-Human Trafficking Newsletter
Threats of Deportation
Soon after “Medina,” a Ukrainian college professor, married “Thomas,” a well-respected Minnesota doctor, he turned controlling and violent. Among other outbursts, he threatened Medina with a knife; kicked her in the chest; and even attempted to push her out of a moving car.
Thomas also slept with an ax in his drawer and threatened to have her deported if she ever called the police. Medina left Thomas after he broke her son’s finger. Medina continues to live in constant fear of Thomas, who stalks and harasses her.
Despite knowing about Medina’s abuse, the international marriage broker (IMB) facilitated a new match between Thomas and another Ukrainian woman, who also later fled because of abuse. Medina was Thomas’ third wife; he had also abused at least one of his prior wives.
“Dina” corresponded with her husband “Paul,” a Kentucky anesthesiologist, for several months before
she agreed to marry him when he visited her and her family in Ethiopia. When she came to the United
States, however, Paul took Dina’s money and passport, brought her to a motel (the first of five), and kept her drugged and imprisoned for weeks while he subjected her to horrific physical, sexual, and mental abuse.
Paul also threatened Dina that she, not Paul, would be arrested and jailed if she reported him to the police.
Only when Paul left to attend a conference for a few days did she regain enough consciousness and strength to drag herself to the motel office for help.
Paul killed himself before he could be prosecuted.
Dina received protection under US trafficking laws.
Norman McDonald compelled his Ukrainian wife to take
several waitress jobs, even though she was trained as an
accountant. He made her rely on him for transportation
so he would have long stretches of time alone with her
daughter, who was only three when the couple married.
With his wife securely out of the house, McDonald
showed the toddler pornographic videos of what he
wanted to do to her and then raped her. Two years after
the abuse started, his wife discovered what McDonald was
doing and immediately contacted the police.
Pennsylvania authorities found more than 10,000 images
of child pornography in McDonald’s computer and hundreds of video clips that depicted him having sex with his stepdaughter. McDonald’s 28-year-old daughter from a previous marriage testified that her father had also abused her as a child

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