Resources regarding May Day –

May Day
Working Day
Haymarket Martyrs

Eleanor Marx’s Speech at the First May Day Hyde Park, 1890

May Day Origins: Overviews

Rosa Luxemburg, What Are the Origins of May Day? 1894
Rosa Luxemburg, The Idea of May Day on the March, 1913
Guido Baracchi, May Day, 1921
Nestor Makhno, The First of May: Symbol of a New Era, 1928
Alexander Trachtenberg, The History of May Day, 1932
Joseph North, May Day: Made in America, 1943

Karl Marx, The Working-Day
New York Times, Western Labor Parades: The Eight-Hour Movement in Chicago, 1886
John Most, The Beast of Property, 1884
T.V. Powderly, Anarchy and the Knights, 1890
Hubert Langerock, Twenty-five Years of Eight-Hour Propaganda, 1914
James Connolly, Changes, 1914
Second Congress of AFL, 1st session, 2nd session, 3rd session, 1882
See also a selection of the many Songs and Poems the Eight-Hour movement inspired.

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Tens of thousands of low-paid workers took to the streets on May Day to demand higher wages, better benefits and improved working conditions a week after a building collapse in Bangladesh became a grim reminder of the dangers of lax safety regulations in poor countries.

Laborers in Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines and elsewhere marched and chanted en masse Wednesday, sounding complaints about being squeezed by big business amid the surging cost of living. Asia is the manufacturing ground for many of the world’s largest multinational companies.

Thousands of garment factory workers in Bangladesh also paraded through the streets calling for work safeguards and for the owner of the collapsed building to be sentenced to death.


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