NOVEMBER INTENTION:   To pray for and to bring to our awareness the sufferings of all those who lack adequate nutrition, housing and daily assistance, especially the elderly.

Prepared by Siostra Maria Franciszka Stêpniewska, Europe and Sister Michelle Marie Stachowiak, North America

Support legislation which addresses fair housing practices/programs that offer assistance for low cost housing.

  • Become involved in programs like Habitat for Humanity.
  • That families may find housing that is safe and affordable.
  • That those in leadership take responsibility for making housing available to the needy.
  • For those who live in shelters and missions because they lack economic security, employment, proper education and accessibility to government programs.
  • For those displaced from country, family and friends due to war and famine and are forced to live in refugee camps.
  • Lord, make our hearts aware of the needs of the elderly, the sick, the homeless and all those experiencing difficulties in their daily living.